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Authentic Caribbean Cuisine

Enjoy time with family and friends, we will take care of the cooking.


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Why wait and pay for delivery when you can come and pick up your food while it’s still fresh and hot waiting to be devoured. 


Does life have you so busy that you’re too tired to cook? Maybe you want to host a gathering but there’s no time to prepare a delicious homemade meal …not to worry! Get fresh homemade meals ready-to-go and indulge in an array of flavours with La Petite Gourmande.  

"Indulge in our home-cooked meals to make your busy lives more manageable and healthier."

Karen Gingras


Lunch. Dinner. Events.

Get homemade meals ready to go and indulge in an array of flavours with La Petite Gourmande


Our Menu

What we Offer

Meats and Curries

All orders of curry and meats are sold by the tray and include rice.

Chicken Curry                  65.00
Beef Curry                        80.00
Goat Curry                        90.00
Chicken in Brown Sauce  45.00
Bake & Salt Fish              40.00

Minimum order of 6-$7.00 each

Vegetarian Dishes

All orders are sold by the tray and include rice. All dishes are seasoned with a special house blend of spices

Channa Curry                    40.00
Potato Curry                      40.00
Fried Channa                     30.00
Fried Channa                     40.00

Cooked chickpeas sauteed with onion. Garlic
& cumin

Roasted Eggplant  (choka)   45.00


All soups are freshly homemade come in a 1L size container

Turkey                                25.00
Beef/Beef & Barley          25.00
Chicken                             25.00
Meatball                            25.00
Vegetable                          25.00


All salads come in a medium tray

Pasta Salad                        30.00
Mixture of  salad with red wine vinaingrette                                                                   30.00
Gourmet Potato Salad      40.00
Gourmet Greek Salad       40.00
Quinoa Salad                     40.00


Phulourie Tray                    50.00

A fried fritter made with ground
split peas and a blend of spices.

Freshly Baked

Fresh Homemade Loaf         5.00
Fresh Homemade Rolls        3.00

order of 6

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About Us

Home cooking was always a staple growing up, what was takeout? As life continued, I became a mom and wanted to keep up the tradition. Over the years, I spent time tweaking and experimenting with recipes that were passed down from several generations. We take pride in making home-cooked meals and see not only the benefits that come along but also the way it brings your taste buds to life. I realized that my true passion lies in cooking and feeding others so that they too can enjoy the many benefits and delights that come with home cooking. Life can be so busy and overwhelming, on top of it all, we must still eat! What’s for dinner tonight? What’s for lunch tomorrow? What should we eat this week and what should we serve at our next holiday get-together are probably regular questions in your home. 


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